2018 April Regional Contest in Springfield

2017 June Worcester Make Music Day:  We are Family & Shenandoah
                                                                     Mamas and Papas Medley
                                                                     When I'm 64
                                                                     We'll Meet Again
2017 January Ray've

2015 May Regional Competition in Springfield

Pictures:                                                                    Awards:

2018 Carnegie Hall Trip                                           30-Year Award and Certificate
2018 WMOS Get-Together                                       
2017 Diane Kelley Holiday Spectacular               
2017 WMOS Performance

2017 Veteran's Day Performance                         
2017 Halloween                                                       
2017 August Holden Days                                       
2017 June Worcester Make Music Day
2017 June Bravehearts Performance

2016 August at Holden Days
2016 June Bravehearts Performance

2015 December Holiday Sing Fling!
2015 Christmas
2015 August at Holden Days
2015 May at Regional Competition